I have a great idea for a picture book – could you illustrate it?

Publishers prefer pair authors up with illustrators themselves, once they’ve fallen in love with and commissioned your completed story. And, currently, I’m not accepting commissions to illustrate self-published books.

I’m an aspiring illustrator – can you give me any tips?

Yes – at least, I can pass on bit and bobs learned so far… Drop me an email on moi(at)lucindagifford.com and I’ll try to get back to you soon as reasonably possible. If you’re after a formal folio assessment, however, I charge an hourly rate for this.

I want to write and illustrate a children’s book too! Can we meet and chat? I’ll buy you a coffee!

I’m currently too busy for a coffee date – sorry! And I have a machine at home which makes tolerable coffee. However:

There are some useful answers to Frequently Asked Questions on this topic on the SCBWI site here.

And often other authors and illustrators have taken the time to answer questions more fully than I have above. THANK you to them! Here are some great answers to the above on Angela Sage Larsen’s site here and on James Foley’s site here.

Finally, Amanda Hall Illustration has some very thorough information on starting a career in illustration and/or writing here.

I have a blog. Can you send me one of your books to review?

I only get a few copies of each book from the publisher, and these are for family and friends. But if you’re an established reviewer, do please contact the publisher of the book you’d like to review and they may send you a copy in exchange for an honest review. The other option, if you’re in an urban area of Australia, is to order the book from your public library (or, even better – buy it). I hope you like the book – whichever one you choose!