I do several live sketching events each year with Sketch Group as well as sketching for whiteboard videos, brochures and information graphics and posters. Live sketching is interesting, challenging and fun. (That face I’m pulling on the right is my ‘listening face’ btw.)

Unlike school visits, I’m not drawing flying hippo monsters or cats falling off walls – though I try to get animals in where I can. Instead, I’m using sketching to: solve problems; tell stories; and explain concepts and structures. With Sketch Group, I’ve worked for a variety of clients – from youth groups to government agencies to power companies.

I also regularly work with Sketch Group on ‘whiteboard videos’. In actual fact, the sketches for these videos are rarely drawn on a whiteboard. They’re usually sketched on paper, once the illustrator has developed a storyboard to a script and this storyboard has been approved. Here are some of the informational sketch videos I’ve storyboarded and drawn up for Sketch Group:

If you’re interested in live sketching or a sketch video, please get in touch with the friendly folk at Sketch Group here: hello@sketchgroup.com

Lucinda was great to work with and added heaps on the day and since in her sketches. We now have a really bright and powerful visual representation of all the young peoples messages and ideas from the forum. It’s helped create even more excitement about the youth forum and the power of the young peoples messages !

Luke Westwick, CREATE Foundation

Lucinda was able to capture the conference key learnings perfectly. This has made it easier for participants to retain the information after the event. The graphics were very well done and the key learnings captured beautifully.

Alison Clode, University of Woolongong