88 Lime Street – The Way In, by Denise Kirby: Book cover

Book cover illustration and design for Denise Kirby’s 88 Lime Street – The Way In, published by Omnibus Books.

Houses are just about my favourite thing to draw and so when Omnibus Books got in touch out of the blue in 2014, wondering if I’d be keen to illustrate the cover of 88 Lime Street, I got straight back with a “yes please!”.

Here’s the initial thumbnail sent a couple of weeks later- with type in place:


Art director Patricia Howes at Omnibus then got back to say they’d be happy for me to do the cover design and layout as well as the illustration – great news.

Finessing the house came first – this is the initial line drawing, with adjustments:


And the second rough layout (the sky was thought to be too light):


Here’s the final illustration. Fine veins were added to the leaves at the base, and the background adjusted to be dramatic but not too scary:


And here’s the final design with words and all!


You can get this lovely book, suitable for readers 8 years old and upwards, here.