The Incredible Powers of Montague Towers by Alan Sunderland : Book cover

I had great fun creating the cover for this original and entertaining book.

Scholastic Australia asked that Montague be standing in a superhero pose, wearing his cape and possibly some superhero boots, and that his six super-powers be pointed out somehow.

I looked at some other ‘superhero’ books for kids, to get the gist of the market (don’t you just love Oliver and the Seawigs? Sarah McIntyre is one of my heroes):


Then came up with three very similar concepts. It did seem to make sense to go this way though, as the title was so long, and there was so much to show. Though (eek!) I have spelled author Alan Sunderland’s name wrong – sorry Alan… I was concentrating on Montague at the time!


Scholastic chose the layout with the green cape, with the additional characters peeking in from the bottom.


They didn’t request a back cover, but I couldn’t resist putting together a version with the two ‘goons’ and the buildings. Who/what are they? Read the book… it’s terrific!