Welcome! I am Lucinda Gifford, writer and illustrator of books for children: picture books, junior fiction and longer books too. Here are all the books I’ve worked on so far.

I also sketch live, help run workshops and fuss around dogs and kids. I like wolves, chickens and drawing scary houses. Read a bit more about me here.

New releases:

Written by Lydia Williams – goalkeeper for The Matlidas!

A wonderfully positive book for Indigenous and non Indigenous kids alike, Lydia’s commitment to finding a sport is empowering for all those who find some sports out of their reach, while endeavouring to find one that suits them shows courage and determination.
Fran Knight, Read Plus, July 2019

There’s a fascinating article with the lovely Lydia here.

Written by Nette Hilton

It’s here! The second instalment of Nette Hilton’s irresistible emerging readers series for self-described princesses who dislike waiting around for things to happen. This one has LEAPING HOUNDS, SAVAGE LIONS, confused chickens and not a few frogs.

Princess Peony is a book to read multiple times. The plotting, characterisation and humour are superb. It is a wonderful place for young readers to share and develop imagination and revel in pretend-play and role-play alongside Princess Peony. The First Adventures of Princess Peony is fun and exciting and has a most satisfying story arc. It is a triumph.
Boomerang Books Blog

Written and illustrated by Lucinda Gifford

It is the facial expressions and body language of the animals that carry the storyline in this clever and entertaining tale about forming friendships and trying to fit in… …A delightfully different read-aloud treat.
Stephanie Owen Reeder, The Canberra Times

Duck Duck Moose is a gentle and amusing reminder to be true to one’s self, to keep an open mind and to take joy in the pleasures of the everyday.
Rayma Turton, Magpies Vol 43, July 2019

Recent books:

Shortlisted: Speech Pathology Australia book awards 2019

The First Adventures of Princess Peony is a lot of fun to read and the two-colour illustrations throughout are very entertaining. The little people in your life will thoroughly enjoy reading along with you and pointing out that things are not always as they seem.
…Luckily after Princess Peony deals with a disturbed dragon, an annoying troll and potentially life-threatening bears, the take away message is that ‘running a happy kingdom is very important.’
Better Reading, November 2018

CBCA Notable Book 2019

Empowering and funny, set in a time of magic and wonder, and invention, in a place that is both far away but that could be anywhere. Each has been illustrated by a different artist – and yet, they flow seamlessly from one story to the next in a wonderfully cohesive style that feels as though one person was in charge of the illustrations.

An excellent book for all ages that defies stereotypes and empowers girls of all ages and backgrounds to be and do what they wish.
The Book Muse, August 2018

CBCA Notable Book 2019

Gifford’s text chimes with humour and echoes the typical mindset of a small child making tough emotional decisions on her own.
Dimity Powell, Boomerang Books Blog, May 2016

Dogasaurus is a beautiful story about a friendship between a girl and her pet. Highly recommended.
Kylie Kempster, ReadPlus, May 2016